– According to a recent study by researchers at Chile’s Pontifical Catholic University and at the University of Michigan, children whose parents discuss simple arithmetic with them at the dinner table become better at math. This research is part of a broader experience aimed at giving to early numeracy the same kind of focus as the one generally given to early literacy.

– Even if the small scope of the study may render it debatable, the authors were surprised to discover that most of the conversations between mothers (and probably fathers as well) and their kids happened during mealtime. For example, parents asked their preschoolers if they wanted “one or two pieces of bread”, or invited them to give their brother or sister “half of the ice cream”, or told them they have to eat “two pieces of broccoli” before leaving the table. Some questions or statements that all imply great basic math concepts.



Image: Jozef Israëls, Peasant family at the table / Google Art Project – Wikimedia Commons