– The first three years of life – long before pre-K – are the most important for brain development. During this crucial time, children can learn through consistent experiences how to build effective relationships, solve problems and adapt to their environment. The economic advantages of a focus on this determining period has been well documented in particular by James Heckmann, the famous Nobel Prize economist.

– Although the heavy long-term consequences of education in the very first years are now largely recognized, we continue to devote much more time and resources to what occurs during the following years. This seems to be a paradoxical strategy when we know that children who start school brain-ready (in pre-K, kindergarten or first grade) will be more successful, while those who enter school already behind in their development have a high risk to struggle throughout their whole educational (and probably professional) careers.



Image: Edith Avila with her niece Brooklyn Alfaro / Max Faulkner – Star-Telegram