– Although the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends to avoid exposing children under age two to devices like televisions, computers, tablets or smartphones, a new study reveals that more than one-third of infants are already playing with this kind of products. Amazingly, as many as one in seven 1-year-old toddlers are even using such devices for at least an hour a day!

– The results of the study showed that 52% of babies had watched television, 36% had touched a screen, 24% had used a phone, 15% had used some apps, and 12% had played some video games. And most two-year-old kids were using mobile media. On the parents side, 73% of them let their children use mobile devices while doing household chores, 60% while doing errands, 65% in order to calm the child, and 29% in order to put the child to sleep.



Image: Wikimedia Commons