Teach Your Child to Count to 20 in 100 Days - with 80 Animals

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MATHnimals Book

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MATHnimals is a sets of 110 two-sided educational game cards engineered by ChildUp. Playing MATHnimals with their parents, caregivers, or preschool teachers, young Children develop many of the essential skills they will need to get ready for school and future academic excellence:

  • Math and logic skills
  • Problem-solving and memory skills
  • Attention and concentration skills
  • Language and social skills

Whether at home, daycare, preschool, kindergarten, or on the go, MATHnimals is a fun and effective tool for teaching Children:

  • Numbers from 0 to 20
  • Numbers as quantities and symbols
  • Basic addition and subtraction
  • Sorting, categorizing, and comparing numbers and animals

With MATHnimals (and you!), both girls and boys — from two to five years old — will not only learn to count to 10, 20, and even beyond but also improve many of their other math and logic skills, this in the pleasant company of 80 animals.

What’s in the MATHnimals box?

110 two-sided and beautifully designed cards
  • 8 game cards showing 8 groups of animals
  • 88 game cards showing 23 numbers & 80 animals
  • 8 instruction cards with 13 possible gameplays
  • 4 cards about ChildUp and the ChildUp Early Learning Model
  • 1 card about the two NGO partners of ChildUp

8 Animal Collections

(8 two-sided cards)

The 8 animal collections are presented as follows:

  • 1st Collection: 10 Farm Animals
  • 2nd Collection: 10 African Mammals
  • 3rd Collection: 10 Birds
  • 4th Collection: 10 Aquatic Animals
  • 5th Collection: 10 Other Mammals
  • 6th Collection: 10 More Mammals
  • 7th Collection: 7 Reptiles + 3 Amphibians
  • 8th Collection: 8 Insects + 2 Arachnids

2nd Collection: 10 African Mammals
23 numbers and 80 animals

(44 two-sided cards)

The cornerstone of the ChildUp Preschool Math Games, these are the actual cards that children play with in order to learn numbers as quantities and symbols.

1 Sea Lion + 2 Dolphins + 3 Lobsters + 4 Seahorses = 10 Aquatic Animals
16 Ladybirds + 4 Scarabs = 20 Insects
13 ChildUp Preschool Math Games

(7 two-sided cards)

In recent years, ChildUp and its partners have developed 13 educational games specially designed for parents, caregivers, and early education teachers to play with one or several Children. The MATHnimals games are categorized into three levels of difficulty, which are as follows:

  • 4 Mouse-level (easy) games - for learning numbers as quantities and symbols
  • 4 Cat-level (medium) games - for learning how to sort, categorize, and compare numbers
  • 4 Tiger-level (difficult) games - for becoming familiar with basic additions and subtractions
  • 1 Cobra-level (master) game - for recognizing numbers and performing additions at fast pace

How to play MATHnimals?

Here’s an example of how to play a Mouse-level (easy) game for preschoolers: “Flip That Grid!”

The 5 Keys of the ChildUp Early Learning Model

(4 two-sided cards).

These cards explain the five core principles of the ChildUp early learning model, which is based on decades of practical, positive parenting experience of families in real-life situations, and backed by 21st-century international scientific research.

About the two NGO partners of ChildUp

(1 two-sided card)

The Arcanys Early Learning Foundation and International Care Ministries are two Philippine-based NGOs working hard to empower parents to be their Children’s first teachers and role-models.

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