– Arnand Iyer, a San Francisco tech guru, “felt terrible” when he came back home too many nights only to find his 2-year-old daughter Ava already asleep. A painful experience and feeling that many working parents know too well. “I wasn’t spending any time with her in the evening,” said Iyer, who started asking himself for what was he working so hard and why he was not devoting time to his child.

– Finally, in January, 2015, Iyer quit his job to take care of Ava, before it’s “too late”. For sure, it’s not an easy decision to give-up a six-figure salary, even when something as important as the well-being of our children is at stake. Many people would not, or could not, afford it. But watching his toddler’s social skills blossom reinforced his resolve, says Iyer.



Photo: Arnand Iyer