– During the last few years, some very interesting things were discovered about babies’ brain development. Until the last century, for example, it was believed that infants did not feel pain, an assumption that seems ridiculous today. Not only do babies feel pain but they have an even lower threshold than adults in this regard. On the same subject, research has shown that maternal care can ease a baby’s pain and that a mother’s love has long-term consequences on her child’s growth and well-being.

– Research has also revealed that arguing in front of a baby can be harmful. Most mothers and fathers know how much parenting can sometimes be stressful, but it seems that many parents still don’t know that angry voices can have negative effect on a child. Among other important discoveries, we learned that newborns recognize people’s expressions earlier than we thought, and that their vision is better than it was commonly assumed.



Image: Sleeping Baby (Wikimedia Commons)