– In Silicon Valley, where public schools get some of the best scores in California, many low-income children – whose parents are generally immigrants – do not benefit of the early education level needed to keep up with their more advantaged peers. The area is a good example of how much American parents have become obsessed about how to give their children an academic edge upon entering kindergarten.

– The situation in Silicon Valley tends to reflect what is happening with the rest of the US, a problem widespread around the world: kids of the poorest families have the higher risks to be left behind from the start. Almost three quarters of Silicon Valley’s more disadvantaged preschoolers at least have one foreign-born parent, and thousands of them enter kindergarten without any kind of early formal education. As many as three quarters of 3-year-old kids from poorer households do not go to preschool, unlike a majority of their more affluent counterparts.



Image: Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose (Wikipedia)