– West Australian State Government has urged parents to get more involved in their children’s early education. Peter Collier, WA Education Minister, said that parents should stop blaming schools for their kids’ deficiencies and begin teaching the basics themselves, at home. This issue is illustrated by the rising number of children who start preschool without some of the very fundamental skills like using a pencil, painting a picture or counting.

– According to Mr Collier, today’s parents are not devoting to early education the time they used to in the past, as evidenced by the children’s testing results. “Data from the 2015 on-entry assessments of all pre-primary children in public schools shows nearly one quarter lacked basic literacy skills, such as the ability to write their names or recognize simple rhyming words.” It seems that in Australia also, many parents are not yet aware of the crucial importance of the early years for a child’s development. To have the best chances of success, education should begin at home.



Image: WA Education Minister Peter Collier with a teacher (ABC News / Marcus Alborn)