– Is it a pleasure to be a parent? Hell no! Parenting is a painful job, but it is worth it. We are referring about the day-to-day duties of raising children here. Children, in general, are very good at being confused on when, how, and where to sleep, for example. Most of them don’t understand in particular their parents’ expectations regarding civility, hygiene and nutrition. And practically any child is an expert at testing the limits of their own immortality, just when you are busy with some urgent matter.

– A lot of parenting tasks are very hard, however, it is never the children’s fault. It’s the parents’ responsibility to raise their little ones into independent and if possible happy and successful adults, even if the road can be often bumpy and tiresome. Indeed, there are only a few immediate gratification and episodic happiness in parenting. This is the ultimate endurance test. A rewarding experience, but not for the impatient.


Image: No, don’t get up (Chirag Rathod/Flickr)