For decades, a lot of people used to believe and repeat that if you pick up your baby too often they will get “spoiled.” Fortunately, a growing number of parents are now aware how absurd this counter-intuitive assumption is. On the contrary, as a recent study has shown, the more you hold and cuddle your baby, the better. This research, that was conducted at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio, even proved that touch is a crucial factor of your infant’s good development.

According to Dr. Nathalie Maitre, lead researcher on the study, touching and holding babies has permanent positive effect on their brain and thus on their cognitive and emotional development and behavior. “Our findings add to our understanding that more exposure to these types of supportive touch can actually impact how the brain processes touch, a sense necessary for learning and social-emotional connections,” said Maitre. Touches and hugs indeed seems to be of the utmost importance for your baby.

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