– When you gaze into your baby’s eyes, something pretty amazing happens; she or he is looking back at you. From the earliest days, intelligence and emotion are already at work behind those two cute big eyes. The emotional and cognitive abilities that start developing in a newborn’s brain from day one are stunning. All human babies have an innate sense of facial recognition. They will recognize the face of their parents only a few weeks after birth.

– As early as 4 to 6 months old, babies can identify human faces better than anything else. Other objects in the world around them, such as food or furniture, will take more time to be recognized. Moreover, besides basic facial recognition, a baby also pick up extremely important communication cues from facial expressions. When mimicking your silly or sad or happy face, your little one is learning first hand some crucial lessons in matter of social contact. These are very good reasons to look at your baby and talk to your baby as much as you can.


Alan - ChildUp.com

Alan (ChildUp.com)