– According to a new study by researchers at De Montfort University in England, praising children five times a day for their good behavior will help them thrive. The research showed that the children of parents using this kind of measure benefited from better well-being and lower hyperactivity and inattention levels. The De Montfort’s Praises campaign was designed to encourage parents and caregivers to provide steady loving and positive attention to their kids, especially to the youngest ones.

– “Sometimes it’s easier to criticize than it is to compliment. Bad behavior is more obvious than good behavior – you’re much more likely to notice when your child is yelling than you are to notice when your child is quietly reading a book,” wrote the scientists on the documentation given to the parents involved in the study. Carol Sutton, co-founder of the Five Praises campaign, recommends that parents try to “catch” their children doing well while acknowledging their efforts and achievements. At the same time, she adds, firm boundaries have to be set in order not to raise children expecting constant approval.


Alan - ChildUp.com

Alan (ChildUp.com)