– A new research has shown that reading to young children is good for their brain development. According to Dr. John Hutton, a researcher at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, reading play an important role in building the brain networks that will help the kids progress from verbal communication to reading on their own. Brain scans showed that children who are regularly read to have a better brain activity in the region involved in the integration of sound and visual stimuli.

– The results of another recent research demonstrated, as well, how engagement with books at an early age can stimulate imagination and reading skills from elementary school and beyond. One reason for the boost may be that books provide different sets of words than usual kid-directed speech. “This would suggest that children who are being read to by caregivers are hearing vocabulary words that kids who are not being read to are probably not hearing,” said Jessica Montag, lead author of the study.



Image: Childe Hassam – The Children / Cincinnati Art Museum / WikimediaCommons