– According to a new study lead by Paul L. Morgan of Pennsylvania State University, toddlers with better language skills tend to have better math and literacy skills and also less behavioral issues (like being disruptive, having temper tantrums or being physically aggressive) in kindergarten. Overall, it also shows that children from higher socioeconomic backgrounds, female children, and children who get high-quality parenting have a broader range of oral vocabulary.

– Factors like low birthweight or mothers with health problems also have a negative impact on young children. “Vocabulary, unlike other things like occupation, income, socioeconomic status or birthweight, is highly modifiable,” said Morgan. Parents have a very strong influence on their children’s language acquisition.

– Moreover, it seems that quantity is as important as quality in matters of early language development. “Watch what a young child is looking at, and narrate it for them, even starting in infancy,” said Claire Vallotton of Michigan State University. “It’s only when you’re talking about the things that the child is looking at that they learn the words.”



Image: Vincent van Gogh – First Steps – after Millet / Wikipedia