– Most of childhood experts will tell you that early education is very important to children’s skills and behavioral development. Preschool ​sets children up for success in many fundamental learning subjects and helps a lot to prepare​ them for kindergarten and higher grades. A recent research has revealed that preschool provides ​long-term benefits for children, which seem to be a good reason to make early childhood education universal.

– This study has revealed that children who participated in a high-quality universal pre-K program in Oklahoma achieved good academic results in the long run. The researchers, from Georgetown University, found that, as many as eight years later, the children who followed the program continued to score better results in math, were taking more advanced courses, and had lesser risk to be retained a grade than their peers who were not involved. This last point is very important since grade retention tends to have quite negative consequences.

  Teacher teaching students in an early childhood setting - WikimediaCommons

Teacher teaching students in an early childhood setting (Wikimedia Commons)