During a recent interview on US radio, a singer said that “she’s not above spanking” if her kids (as young as one and three) misbehave. Using a weird justification, she explained she herself was spanked as a kid, but nonetheless turned out to be “well-rounded.” How can we still have such reasonings in the 21st century? Whatever the reason, slapping or spanking a child is plain wrong, totally unnecessary, and a sad example of lazy parenting.

Children discipline is always a difficult issue to discuss since it depends largely on how the punisher was raised herself. In any case, it’s baffling that even nowadays many parents think they need to use violence to educate their offspring. This kind of behavior is clearly teaching the kids that it’s OK to be violent when we don’t agree about something or with someone. Adults are much stronger and bigger than kids, so it’s hard to understand how some parents feel it’s fair to get physical with their so vulnerable little ones. With all the negative consequences that it can result to.

  USA, Utah, Salt Lake City, Mother telling toddler boy (2-3) off for painting on walls

In 2015, an outright ban on slapping children was introduced in Ireland (Stock Photo)