– A big recurrent question in the field of education is to know which has the greater effect on a child’s brain development: nature or nurture? Research in neuroscience and genetics has an increasing inclination to nurture over nature. A growing number of studies underline the importance of quality bonding time of children with other human beings from the very first days. Their conclusions, of course, put parents in the front row.

– Dr. Gail Gross, an expert in human behavior and education, thinks that brain development is influenced almost equally by both our genes and the experiences that will determine whether and how those genes will be turned on. Nature provides the blueprint, while our environment and education will set how the basic program is effectively implemented. For example, a child may have a predisposition to be tall and lean, but if they adopt a bad diet and fail to exercise they will have high risks of becoming overweight. This principle applies, as well, for intellectual and emotional abilities.



Image: Wikimedia Commons