– The Fraser Mustard Early Learning Academy (FMELA) of Thorncliffe Park is the largest full-day kindergarten school in Canada. Outfitted with the latest design and technologies, FMELA is a kindergartener’s dream, with large rooms illuminated by natural light to inspire learning for as many as 680 kindergartners. There is even a play area filled with colored mats in the main foyer for gymnastics. A very cool school indeed.

– At the Fraser Mustard Academy, for example, parents are encouraged to participate in a ground-breaking math program intended to better develop the young students’ abilities in this field. “The important thing for us is to make sure what we are doing is exemplary, so other kindergartens can look to us for guidance,” said FMELA principal Catherine Ure. A method that seems efficient: “The children that we sent from here last year had many more skills and were more prepared for Grade 1.”