Teach your Child to count with 80 popular animals

MATHnimals is a set of 108 two-sided educational game cards engineered by ChildUp. Playing MATHnimals with their parents, caregivers, or preschool teachers, young Children develop many of the essential skills they will need to get ready for school and future academic excellence:

- Math and logic skills
- Problem-solving and memory skills
- Attention and concentration skills
- Language and social skills

Whether at home, daycare, preschool, kindergarten, or on the go, MATHnimals is a fun and effective tool for teaching Children:

- Numbers from 0 to 20
- Numbers as quantities and symbols
- Basic addition and subtraction
- Sorting, categorizing, and comparing numbers and animals

With MATHnimals (and you!), both girls and boys - from one to five years old - will not only learn to count to 10, 20, and even beyond but also improve many of their other math and logic skills, this in the pleasant company of 80 animals.

Are you a preschool, a kindergarten, a charity, an NGO, or a game/book store owner interested in the new edition of MATHnimals Preschool Math Games?