For Girls & Boys from 2 to 5 years old

  • 108 two-sided cards
  • Numbers from 0 to 20
  • 80 popular Animals (8x10)
  • 14 fun educational games
To Teach & Learn:
  • Numbers from 0 to 20
  • Numbers as quantities and symbols
  • Basic additions and subtractions
  • Sorting, categorizing, comparing
To Develop & Train:
  • Math and logic skills
  • Problem solving and memory skills
  • Attention and concentration skills
  • Language and social skills

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How to play?

ChildUp - Grid
Big, Bigger, Biggest

ChildUp EarlyMath free app: 80 animals to count

ChildUp EarlyMath is a free application created to help parents and caregivers teach children (from 1 to 5 years old) how to count to 10. By playing the game, preschoolers will learn the basics of addition while becoming familiar with the names and real sounds of 80 popular animals.