The ChildUp Early Learning Game “Teach your Child to Count to 10” is an efficient tool for parents, caregivers, and preschool teachers who intend to develop, through interactive play, their children’s basic math skills and prepare them well for school and future academic performance.

Be your child's first math teacher!
Until the last century, many parents, educators, and even scientists believed that children were unable to learn any math before the age of five. However, recent research has shown that this assumption was misguided. In fact, children are ready to understand the basics of math much earlier. Both boys and girls are born, almost without exception, with the potential to do well in mathematics. This is why it is great advice for parents to introduce math and logic to their children before starting school, as early as possible.

For boys & girls - from 1 to 5 years old
The ChildUp game “Teach your Child to Count to 10” includes 48 cards for children - to teach them to count to 10 with 40 popular animals (4 x 10), and 16 cards for parents - introducing the ChildUp Early Learning Method.

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How to play?

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Big, Bigger, Biggest

ChildUp EarlyMath free app: 80 animals to count

ChildUp EarlyMath is a free application created to help parents and caregivers teach children (from 1 to 5 years old) how to count to 10. By playing the game, preschoolers will learn the basics of addition while becoming familiar with the names and real sounds of 80 popular animals.