Parents should be their children's first reading teachers. Such a good habit can greatly help a child's upcoming educational and professional destinies. Early reading not only increases kids' vocabulary and reading skills, but also stretch their imagination and teach them about the world. Indeed, sharing a favorite book and laugh together again and again over the same stories is probably one of the most pleasant and valuable ways to spend time with your young kids.

The 5 following tips from BABYCenter, Scholastic and PBS can be very useful in early reading development:

1. Repetition is important and fun

Some books are popular among beginner readers because they use repetition and patterns to tell a compelling story.

2. Read everything

Even if books are key, reading opportunities are everywhere. Encourage your kids to look for letters and signs while you're on a walk or in the car.

3. Read in a comfortable environment

Read together in a comfortable place, using a rich variety of interesting reading material.

4. Use print referencing

Pointing out any prints in what you're reading is an easy way to help your kids to learn the basics that apply to any text.

5. Parents as reading role models

In any domain, parents are their children first role models. Starting with reading habits.

Picture: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Daughter (People Magazine)