– Interestingly, according to a new report from the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), children in countries where they have a good level of Internet and computer proficiency, are not so good in reading. The results of the study show that the more computers are used at school, the worse are the students reading skills. “Overall, the use of computers does not seem to confer a specific advantage in online reading,” states the OECD report.

– As it happens, the best readers tend to be the pupils who use computers a little less than average. Then the bigger question is: how and why computers are hurting reading skills? In fact, the amount of time devoted to different digital activities may be the main reason behind it. All tasks on computers are not of equal consequence in matter of reading development. Chatting online, in particular, seems to be the activity that has the most detrimental effect on students’ reading abilities, while emailing and browsing – which both involve reading and more sophisticated writing – seem to be less harmful.



Computers in the classroom / Wikipedia