– Many people believe and repeat – wrongly – that Albert Einstein wasn’t good at math. Although it is true that he did not pass his college entrance exam – he actually did pass math and science (of course) but failed the other subjects – Einstein was not at all a bad student. In fact, before the age of 11, he already knew college physics and had mastered speaking Latin and Greek. And he was already a calculus whiz before he even reached the age of 15.

– Discover 10 interesting facts about the giant:

1. Albert Einstein did not fail math.

2. Einstein really did marry his cousin.

3. Einstein could have lived longer.

4. Albert Einstein loved sailing.

5. Einstein could have been the president of Israel.

6. Einstein was a serious smoker.

7. Einstein had a daughter.

8. Einstein did fail his college entrance exam.

9. Einstein’s brain was stolen.

10. Yoda = Einstein.