– “Ferberizing”, otherwise known as the “Cry It Out” method is a technique that was developed by Dr. Richard Ferber. The method focuses on training your baby to cry herself to sleep or to “self-soothe” and using the same practice when she wakes up at night or during a nap.

– Some research has concluded that the “Cry It Out” method could have various short and long term negative effects. Here are six reasons why it is not recommended:

1. Babies left to cry have been shown to be stressed even after they do appear to be “sleep trained.”

2. Even once a baby does fall asleep, sleeping alone has long-term negative effects.

3. The distress associated with crying it out can affect brain development.

4. It may also may lead to a higher probability of behavioral problems.

5. Prolonged crying can ultimately lower IQ.

6. Babies left to cry it out also have a higher chance of becoming more dependent later on.



Image: Wikimedia Commons