– Today, most schools still operate according to the old agrarian calendar that includes a generous 12-week Summer break in the middle. During those interminable vacations, most children are watching TV and playing video games in their pajamas until noon, slowly but surely forgetting a significant part of the precious knowledge learned during the previous year, while their more privileged peers are enrolled in expensive extracurricular programs. Why has the school year to be limited to only 180 days, around half of the calendar year?

– Some political and education leaders are trying to promote a longer school year, arguing that an increase in school hours is an essential investment to help 21st century students to be successful. Research has shown that the usual 3-month hiatus in the program can, in the long term, have a very negative impact on the educational path. The lost months in language and math skills due to the “Slummer Slide” are a considerable threat, especially for children from lower-income families.


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