– Why so many children doing well at math are finally drifting away from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) careers? According to a new study by Zahra Hazari, professor at Florida International University (FIU) College of Education and STEM Transformation Institute, there are solutions to keep bright students on the STEM track.

– Before anything else, children need clear explanations about concepts, confidence, and what is equally important: encouragement and interest. The researchers don’t agree with popular belief that you’re either a math or word person. The problem is that, once you’re labeled as one stereotype, people don’t see you as the other. “If parents, friends or peers see you as a math person, then you’re much more likely to see yourself as a math person and take that on as your identity,” said professor Hazari. “You can have a math identity as well as a language identity.”



Image: FIU Professor Zahra Hazari / FIU