– The pervasive use of screen devices brings up complex issues in the matter of education. The majority of previous studies analyzing the effects of screens used by children were mainly focused on television, but recent studies are now raising the same kind of questions about the time spent on other devices, like smartphones and tablets.

– Digital media are becoming so omnipresent that it’s becoming really difficult to know where to set the limits for our kids. The American Academy of Pediatrics advocates to cut back totally on screen time for toddlers below 24 months old, due to the high risk of this activity to cause behavioral and health problems such as attention deficit, sleep disturbance, obesity, and poor school and academic performance.

– The best rule, in any case – at least during the first two years – is to NEVER leave your tot to play ALONE (this means without an attentive parent or trusted caregiver) on any digital device!



Image: Wikimedia Commons