– Early literacy builds many crucial skills. In a new study, parents were asked to evaluate their children’s abilities to set goals, pay attention, control impulses and regulate activity. The results showed that kids who read and write at home with their parents develop better academic, learning and life skills. All children need this kind of interaction with their mom or dad, which helps them to grow in the best conditions. An adult reading a book, telling the story, producing the animal noises, “making the pictures talk” with a young child makes that book “work.”

– The practice of dialogic reading, in particular, and the acquisition of vocabulary during the early years with an involved and caring parent are critical steps for a young brain development. The love of reading begins on dad’s or mom’s lap, in a “print-rich” environment, with plenty of books, well organized routines and many opportunities of reading together for pleasure. This kind of direct connection will literally boosts both your child’s brain and mind.

  Alice in Wonderland by George Dunlop Leslie - WikimediaCommons

Alice in Wonderland by George Dunlop Leslie (Wikimedia Commons)