– As many parents know well, children like to be read aloud to the same books again and again. Children benefit a lot from this kind of re-reading, this helps them learn rhyming and predictive pattern. Research has shown that repeated reading of their favorite stories can boost a child’s vocabulary by up to 40%. According to Australian Professor and author Mem Fox, reading to your kids from the first months helps develop their love and understanding of books.

– There are five good examples of benefits that children get from frequent and repetitive listening to reading aloud during the early years:


1. Better reading fluency

Fluency is essential in reading, but is often mistaken to only be related to reading speed.

2. Expanded vocabulary

Having a large vocabulary is important to understand different words and their meanings.

3. Better reading comprehension

Good reading skills are all about grasping the sense of what we read.

4. See family members as role models

Male family members, in particular, are crucial role models in encouraging children to become active readers themselves.

5. Understand that reading can be fun

As any avid reader knows well, nothing is better in life than digging into a book and getting hooked in it.



Image: Bodypainting – Child Reading / Wikipedia