– Every year, in the last century, instead of fighting the so called “summer brain drain,” or “summer learning loss,” teachers helped children enter smoothly into their usual summer zombie state. Then, at the end of this long period of inactivity, teachers reintroduced the students to learning as slowly and carefully as possible, “as if we were descending from Mount Everest or resurfacing from the Mariana Trench,” writes Josette Plank.

– Nowadays, a lot of things have changed and children have to learn much more during their 180 days school year to succeed. Plank gives a few good tips to keep the children from falling back during summer holidays:

1. Math: Provide word problems to keep your kids’ math skills sharp.

2. Science: For example, teach your kids to explore the effect of heat on solid matter by enrolling them to cook meals.

3. Writing: Turn off all screens, and provide old paper and pen to your kids.

4. Reading: Litter your home with real books and magazines.

5. Social Studies: Send your country kids to visit with Uncle Neil in the big city. Send your city kids to spend a week on Cousin Anne’s farm.

6. Physical Education: Kick your kids outside.


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