While my husband was bathing our daughter, I heard her laughing and smiled at the sillinesses they were exchanging. This made me think about my own interactions with her. I too try to be funny and silly, but our daughter detects the lack of conviction in my voice. The big difference is that men can focus on one thing. A skill generally viewed negatively.

Multitasking is not considered as a male competence. Men seem to be able "to store" various ideas in a metaphorical closet - a kind of "dad box" - until they need to draw from it later. When playing with our daughter, her father has his "dad box" open filled with childlike adventures and free-spirited fun.

As a mother, I also have my own closet, a kind of "mom box" open to analyze at all times: Dinner. Chores. Groceries. Weekend activities. Laundry. Non-stop. And I can't turn off this mom-mode. But we have to admit how men can be fun in the simplest ways. They can go to the park with their kids and have a blast together, running after them, putting them on tree branches, playing hide and seek, etc.

People are making jokes that men are just big children, and that's not a bad thing, as studies have shown. HealthyMagazine has found 5 reasons why men are better parents:

  1. Dads know how to get down and have fun with their kids.
  2. Dads have aerial vision and logic in crisis.
  3. Dads don't "lose it" like moms do.
  4. Dads let their kids use them as "jungle gyms", and aren't sick of being touched at the end of the day.
  5. Dads show their kids they love their mom.

Our daughter enjoys more fun with her dad, but that doesn't diminish in any way the importance of my mom's role. Both mothers and fathers bring different qualities to their relationships and families. The variety and the complementarity of their competencies - whatever they are - is probably the best recipe for parenting success.

Picture: Stephanie & Dad (ChildUp.com - YouTube)