– According to a new report issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics, fathers are very important for their children’s development, health and well-being. Dads are much more than just back-ups for moms. An analysis of several studies found that children who grow up close to their fathers are less likely to have behavioral and psychological problems, and tend to be more independent and intelligent. There are the 5 things that men can do to be better fathers:

1. Be role-models

Children have a tendency to imitate dad’s behavior. Fathers should be involved with their children from day one, by playing or just talking to them, in order to be seen as supportive companions and teachers.

2. Talking to the kids

It’s never too early to talk to babies. This will positively boost their language skills for life.

3. Get vaccinated

Being up to date with immunizations protects both parents and children from serious health risks.

4. Get screened for depression

Fathers can be affected by postpartum depression, as well as mothers.

5. Play with the kids

Manly rough-and-tumble play is beneficial to children’s development.



First Steps, by Vincent van Gogh, after Millet (Wikipedia)