It should not be a surprise that some parenting methods have better consequences than others. Of course, all parents want their kids to be happy and successful, but many factors can influence our values in this domain. In order to figure out which parenting abilities are most important, Robert Epstein, a psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, analyzed data from 2,000 parents who have taken online tests on this subject. Epstein and his team found 10 competencies that predict positive parenting outcomes; they are listed as follows.

1. Love & Support
Showing love, support and acceptance, and spending one-on-one time with your kids is ranked as the number one parenting competency.

2. Stress Management
Managing well both your own and your kids' stress comes second.

3. Relationship Skills
Maintaining healthy relationships with other people in and outside the family takes third place.

4. Autonomy & Independence
Fostering your kids' autonomy and independence while teaching them that you respect them and believe in them.

5. Lifelong Learning & Education
Becoming a lifelong learner starts at home with parents as role models.

6. Life Skills
Teaching your kids to face obstacles and challenges positively with perseverance and resilience.

7. Behavior Management & Positive Discipline
Practicing positive discipline with firm consequences - but not punishments - in a kind manner, helping your kids to feel confident and giving them a sense of belonging.

8. Health, Nutrition & Exercise
Following a healthy family lifestyle, beginning with good nutrition and exercise.

9. Religion & Spirituality
Supporting the spiritual and/or religious development of your kids.

10. Safety
Ensuring your kids are safe and being aware of their activities and friends.

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