Marshall University will soon be introducing science and math to students at an early age. Really early.

The university plans to reopen its Early Education Center for 3- and
4-year-olds with an emphasis on science, technology, engineering and
mathematics (STEM, for short). The project is the first phase of a plan
to have a Pre-K through 12th-grade science and math program serving
students from throughout the region.

A number of states have invested in enhanced STEM programs in recent
years, although most of the attention has gone toward specialized high
schools, which put top students in a more challenging environment to
help them achieve their potential. These schools are not only credited
with developing talent, but also helping to keep that talent at home in
years to come.

It might seem unusual to begin at the other end of the spectrum with
pre-schoolers, but more and more school programs across the country are
working to add more science and math to early education.

At Marshall, the science and math programs will be incorporated into
age appropriate activities such as building blocks. The plan also
involves high tech hardware including SMART boards and digital cameras.

The Marshall school will charge tuition, based on household income, but
most of the 20 spots already are filled. A few openings remain.

America's strength in science and math has been key to the country's
world-leading technology and economic power. But, many fear our students
are falling behind students in other countries.

Programs such as Marshall's push for a P-12 STEM school are an
important part of putting a new emphasis on science and math and helping
West Virginia students compete in the world economy.


Source: Huntington Herald Dispatch –

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