– According to the Conference Board of Canada, in 2012 the country ranked only 13th among 16 countries in matters of productivity levels and competitiveness. Results in math proficiency are particularly worrying. In the recent international student assessment test PISA, only 4 percent of 15-years-old Canadians were able to answer some specific questions related to a basic mathematics problem.

– “Math skills are crucial to innovation,” said Janet Lane, the Canada West Foundation’s director of Human Capital Policy, in an article titled “Basic Skills Foundational to Future Success.” Basic numeracy and literacy are core competencies and a lack of them can seriously impair people’s careers and lead to painful economic issues as a whole. “The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) disciplines are the most highly paid jobs in our economy because they provide the best return to industry,” said Lane.



Janet Lane, Canada West Foundation’s Director of Human Capital Policy