– During the past month, HuffPost UK Lifestyle was celebrating Happiness and sought to know the secrets behind having happy babies. According to Jeni Hooper, a child psychologist and well-being coach, infants’ first needs are for food, warmth, sleep, to be kept clean and comfortable and protected from harm. As important is a baby’s personal need for a stimulating environment that will foster both their brain development and learning process.

– “Sights, sounds, touch and taste all spark the brain cells to grow and begin to connect up, so your baby begins to recognise the world around them,” explains Hooper. Moreover, infants are born with social needs the fulfillment of which leads to happiness. Here are some good tips that can help parents make their babies happier:

  1. Always check your baby is well and comfortable.

  2. Notice what works for your baby’s needs for both care and stimulation.

  3. Babies need to play to explore the world and learn about their environment.

  4. Work with what your baby is telling you and things will go brilliantly.



Image: Wikipedia