– Fortunately, it has now become common practice for many parents to spend a lot of time reading to their children. And they are very right. According to science, the advantages of reading from a young age with your kids are numerous, with a powerful and lasting impact on their emotional and intellectual development. Reading to young people not only help boost their language skills, but also their logic and math skills and emotional recognition. Here is a list of 9 great benefits your child will get from reading with you.

  1. A richer vocabulary.

  2. A better developed brain.

  3. A better phonetic awareness.

  4. A better pattern recognition.

  5. A better reading comprehension.

  6. Better school results.

  7. Better multi-sensory abilities.

  8. Better math skills.

  9. Better emotional abilities.




Hans Christian Andersen reading to Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann’s children (painting by Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann / Wikipedia)