– In the last century, a large majority of parents and experts believed that what children experience up to the age of three had little impact on their development. Young human brains were considered as being less active than that of a teenager. This old-school thinking is mistaken. Research has shown that the early years have a determining impact on brain development. In fact, a three year old brain is twice more active than an adult brain whose brain activity started to drop during the teen years.

– So, children’s experiences during their first three years are of utmost importance, more than any later period of their life. What does it mean for parents? Simply that they should do as much as they can to make sure their kids benefit from high-quality learning during those critical early years. Here are five great suggestions for beginner parents who wish to practice efficient early teaching at home and outdoor in the course of their children’s first three years:

  1. Read and have a lot of conversations with your kids.

  2. Count and do math everyday with your kids.

  3. Provide a game-friendly environment to your kids.

  4. Introduce variety in your kids’ play-diet.

  5. Encourage your kids to play outdoor.

  Children and Young Girl Picking Flowers - Michael Ancher - GoogleArt - WikimediaCommons

Children and Young Girl Picking Flowers, by Michael Ancher (Google Art/Wikimedia Commons)