– The more children spend time on computer games and watching TV, the worse are  their math and reading skills. According to a study by the Educational Research Centre (ERC) of 8,000 Irish primary students, the pupils who have a TV set in their bedrooms and those who have a mobile phone got worse test results than their peers lacking such devices. On the other hand, the children who was given firm rules at home and completed their homework scored significantly better than others.

– The authors of the ERC study said that parents should play a stronger role in setting rules regarding the behavior and activities of their kids. There are many ways in which families of all backgrounds can efficiently support their children’s academic development and performance. Schools, on their side, may take an important role by informing parents on how they can improve their children’s math and literacy skills.


A child watching TV - WikimediaCommons

A child watching TV  (Wikimedia Commons)