1. Newborns are ready to excel at anything

Any human newborn in good health is ready to learn any skill and excel at anything. In fact, the thousands of genes determining a baby’s brain are like switches just waiting to be turned on (or not!) by experience and the environment. The first years are the most crucial ones for building the brain, which - with around 86 billion neurons eager to connect - will never be so agile and flexible later in life.

2. Talent is made, not born

All Children are “gifted” for nothing in particular; they are gifted for “everything”. The idea that some lucky Children may be talented from birth is a pernicious myth. A focus on effort and practice, rather than on intellect and ability, is much more encouraging. Children who believe that talent and intelligence are made, not born, get better results in any domain.

3. Parents as role models and first teachers

A strong learning culture in the family and a patient and long-lasting involvement of the parents in the learning process are essential for the optimal development of their Children’s abilities. Parents can have a critical influence on the education, schooling, career, and life of their offspring.

4. The goal is to be quite school-ready

Math and language are essential for the proper development of a Child’s intellectual and social skills, which is why it’s so important to pay attention to them from day one. Well-prepared (advanced) Children starting kindergarten and elementary/primary school with solid foundations in math and language will keep this precious advantage for life.

5. Games are great early learning tools

Indeed, academic learning is work that requires concentration, discipline, and perseverance. At the same time, in early education, play is as important as homework. Since Children like playing, and since many games are educational (block, puzzle, card and board games being among the most efficient during the first years), it’s a smart strategy to use them as favorite early learning tools, as well as rewards.