According to a new study conducted in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, letting parents participate actively in the care of their premature infants has positive consequences for both of them. The trial showed that the babies involved put on more weight, had higher daily weight gain and were breastfed more often and more regularly (six or more feeds per day) than their peers cared for only by medical staff.

The parents involved in the research, for their part, enjoyed lower stress and anxiety. They were in charge of different duties for their babies, like feeding, bathing and dressing them, nappy changing, giving oral medication and taking temperature. Parents also had to take part in clinical decisions and to measure their babies’ development. Last but not least, they were required to be at their bedside for at least six hours per day, five days per week, and to follow education courses during at least three weeks.

  Premature Infant - Brian Hall - WikimediaCommons

Premature Infant (Brian Hall / Wikimedia Commons)