– Early educators argue that old-fashioned traditional books are more efficient than any TV, smartphone, computer or game console to teach young children to read. From birth to six years old, any screen has significantly negative effects on kids’ development.

– According to the “Growing Up in Ireland” national longitudinal study, which follows  the progress of almost 20,000 children across the country, five-year-olds who spend three hours or more per day watching TV, on the Internet, or playing video games are more likely to have emotional, behavioral, sleeping and learning difficulties than their peers. For example, school-age children who can watch TV in their bedroom tend to get worse results than their classmates.

– The first three years are by far the most critical years for a child. Blocks, books, paint, play dough, balls, board games and, above all, dedicated adults, remain the best early learning tools. Much better than screens.



Image: Google Art Project – Wikimedia