Before their children, parents should start by limiting their own screen addiction and devote enough time to ensure that their kids are quite ready for school. This is by far not always the case since as many as 28 percent of children finish their reception year lacking the basic reading and communication skills which they so badly need to be successful. Even if it's not easy to put your beloved smartphones and tablets away, you have to try if you want to help in your kids' optimal development.

"This doesn’t mean technology is the villain of the piece – indeed, if used well it can actively support learning. Technology is something we must harness to use in our mission to improve communication skills, not something that gets in the way,” said Damian Hinds, the UK education secretary. Some great advice since, according to scientists at the University of Michigan and the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, children get screen habits from (you guessed it...) their parents.

"It is a persistent scandal that too many children are starting school unable to communicate effectively, and we know that what happens at home makes a big difference in that,” Hinds says.

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