Most of parents want to raise smart and focused kids, especially in the new world of extreme digital distraction. In the future, people may be separated in two categories: Those who let their precious attention be controlled by others, and those who have learned to be "indistractable" - a key skill for the 21st century. A capacity that many parents have big difficulties to teach their children. But how to make your kids "indistractable"?

One of the biggest mistakes parents often make is not empowering their children with enough autonomy to master their own time and activities. Allowing your kids to do it provides them a capital gift. It's okay to put them in charge because it's a great way to teach them to control their behavior and manage their attention and time. And doing it the earlier the better.

Screen time abuse comes at the detrimental expense of other activities. Too much apps and videos use means less time to play outdoor with your friends, or to be with Dad or Mom, for example. In the family, discussions and respectful disagreements, at times, are positive. A good parenting strategy is to involve your kids in the discussion, and help them to set their own rules. When you impose limits without your children's input, this sets them up to be resentful and try to cheat the system. A bad but logical consequence.

Picture: The No.1 skill parents need (Caiaimage, Chris Ryan, w/Effects)