I**t's impossible to criticize parents who want to watch their children perform in school activities. It's not so difficult if these same parents have little or no interest in how their children do in the classroom. It's clear, though, that our [l](http://www2.highlandstoday.com/topic/k/local-schools/)ocal schools have a problem, and it has more to do with parents than kids.**

Highlands County schools are working hard to figure out ways to get parents involved in their children's school work. They measure their success, and have seen some, but it's still so low that it's pitiful.

A few good parents work tirelessly to be part of their child's academic success. From the earliest years through high school, they are engaged in what their child is learning, how they are doing, and talking with teachers and administrators about how to improve any deficiencies.

It's clear that a parent who is involved in a constructive way from the earliest days of schooling will help their child have success as a student. It's also clear that the children of parents who shy away from this crucial interaction typically do much worse. Of course there are exceptions, but there's no arguing the data.

The irony in a lot of this is that when it comes to athletic events, band and choir concerts, or most other school performances, parents turn out in a big way. When it comes to academic matters, though, they are absent.

Now more than ever parents must be involved. They must pay attention to their children's school issues, ask a lot of questions and communicate with teachers. It's also important to not just blame teachers and administrators when Little Johnny isn't doing well. Parents have a responsibility to work with their children on school work. You don't have to be a licensed teacher to set a good example.

Only when education is a priority, not sports or other activities, does real progress get made. In today's world we are harming our children if we're sending out into the world with a substandard education. They will have a difficult time making it in a competitive world.

And almost all of those issues are taken care of by parents who are engaged in their children's education.


Source: Tampa Tribune – http://tinyurl.com/yf53xza