MATHnimals Preschool Math Games
By Alan & John Debonneville - Print & Kindle Editions

The images shown in MATHnimals were specially designed to help parents (as well as mentors, caregivers, and preschool & kindergarten teachers) teach young children:

  1. Numbers from 0 to 20 as quantities and symbols.

  2. To count to 20 with 80 popular animals.

  3. The basics of addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

  4. How to identify, sort, categorize and compare numbers and animals.

The goal is to develop the following in children, in a fun and educational way:

  1. Math and logic skills.

  2. Problem-solving and memory skills.

  3. Attention and concentration skills.

  4. Language and social skills.

MATHnimals Preschool Math Games Book