For many years, millennials have been criticized by other generations for many issues, and now, it's their parenting skills that are under scrutiny. TikTok, a popular social media platform, has become a battleground for debates about millennial parenting.

Gen Alpha, the generation born to many millennials and follows Gen Z, is now entering school, and concerns have been raised about their academic and social development. Some TikTok users have blamed screen time for these issues, giving rise to the term "iPad Kids."

A viral TikTok video by @allanadinh, which garnered 6.7 million views, questioned the parenting skills of millennials and their perceived lack of concern about their children's behavior.

Millennials have defended their parenting methods, highlighting their hands-on approach and the use of "gentle parenting," a method that prioritizes children's emotional stability. However, some critics argue that millennial interpretations of gentle parenting are too lenient and that parents are afraid to discipline their children appropriately.

The debate around millennial parenting has also been fueled by concerns about Gen Alpha's literacy skills. Some TikTok creators have claimed that Gen Alpha struggles with reading and writing due to excessive screen time.

While some data suggest a decline in reading levels, others point to higher reading scores compared to previous generations. Regardless, the narrative on TikTok is that Gen Alpha's literacy is suffering, and millennials are the ones responsible.

Millennial parents, amidst criticism, have asserted their efforts to be good parents. In fact, an elementary school teacher shared a TikTok praising Gen Alpha for their emotional intelligence and millennials for breaking generational cycles.

Some millennials have also acknowledged the challenges they face in parenting such as information overload, leading them to second-guess and question their instincts.

Gen Z, the generation after millennials, has also internalized the narrative of "iPad Kids" and vowed to do better as parents.

However, TikTok's public opinion on millennial parenting is constantly evolving, and future generations may face similar scrutiny. It remains to be seen how TikTok will react when Gen Beta, the next generation, enters the stage.

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