– Parents who want to optimally foster their children’s brain development don’t need to look farther than themselves – from the very first day. According to Dr. Erin Frank, pediatrician at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, constant and meaningful interaction with parents is best for a child’s development: “Talking to them, singing to them, reading books even from day one is a really good thing.”

– Dr. Frank advises parents to have a selection of books on-hand, and to keep reading to their kids as they grow up. But, while she thinks that exposing a child to different types of music is positive, she agrees with the American Academy of Pediatrics who recommends to avoid TV exposure before age two. “The key thing you don’t want to replace any of your time as a parent interacting with your child with screen time,” says the pediatrician, stressing all the importance of cuddle time, play time and anything like that.



Image: Fritz Zuber-Bühler – Bébé debout sur les genoux de sa mère
/ Wikimedia Commons