Several studies have shown that many jobs of the future will need a good understanding of math concepts and applications. However, even in Silicon Valley itself - the emblem of technology - a lot of parents and kids continue to fear mathematics. If Californian parents intend to help their kids to do good studies and embrace great careers, they must start by providing them opportunities to master math and science as early as possible. As early as preschool and kindergarten.

Greg Duncan, the renowned professor of education at the University of California, Irvine, explained in his landmark study that basic math skills are more important than any other factor in predicting a student's long-term success. Kindergarten math scores, in particular, are the best indicators of third-grade math and reading math scores. Basic math ability is indeed a must to be able to understand and execute more complex tasks in this domain.

In another study, titled “The Forgotten Middle: Ensuring that All Students Are on Target for College and Career Readiness before High School”, the non-profit organization ACT found that proficiency in eighth-grade math is a crucial marker of future academic performance. This research revealed that students will achieve better in high school and are more likely to go to college if they have a solid foundation in mathematics. A good reason for parents and teachers to fight "mathphobia" with the strongest vigor.

Picture: Arcanys Early Learning Foundation