– In the scientific community, there is a growing consensus that fathers do make good mothers and that maternal instinct is not inborn but rather a social construction. Two recent studies stated that men, like women, are biologically ready for caring children and that men’s brains adjust to parenting just as well as women’s brains do. Such discoveries come to defy the age-old, universal belief that women are biologically made to be better parents. 

– Andrea Doucet, the Canada Research Chair in Gender, Work and Care at Brock University, who has studied stay-at-home dads for 2 decades, stated that: “Men definitely have this human capacity to connect with, respond to, and deeply nurture children of all ages.” Barry Hewlett, a professor of anthropology at the University of Washington State, who studies childhood, arrived at the same conclusion: “It’s quite clear both men and women can be sensitive and excellent caregivers of children.”



Image: Mike Faille/National Post